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Welcome to Cyn's Interests

You found Cyn's Interests, a site to display and share my activities and interests. Also a way to advertise my willingness to help you learn MicroSoft Office application skills. Click on the tabs above to see more about my areas of interest.

Let Me Help You

I can introduce you to building and using spreadsheets, writing newsletters, creating slide shows, or organizing a database. I can show examples that might inspire you with new ideas of your own. I can help you navigate the basics and help you with more advanced levels of skill. Want to know more this tutoring service? Email me at

Office Apps

I like to organize information in databases, keep track of things in spreadsheets, make fliers, forms, and signs, and create my own business cards. I can teach you how to do these things.

database relationships Piece of Juror form 3inOne business card

Writing Interests

I have written creative nonfiction stories about relatives. For academic papers, I analyzed literature and history. I can help you with improving your writing skills via layout suggestions, grammar, editing, and proof reading.

1943 Kodak Moment Vaudeville Conductor 1918 News Vaudeville Ad

Philately Interests

I am a philatelist who likes to collect stamps, and create first day covers. I use MS Office apps to organize, write about, and produce competitive exhibits of my material.

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