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Anon E Mouse came on the scene in 1981. See the complete List of Anon E Mouse cachets, organized by year of production. mouse holding	a pen. sample FDC
In 2009, I started a new line of cachets so that I could feature old family photos when a stamp subject called them to mind. See the first six on the Anita Mouse home page. Anita Logo Brownie Scout in 1954.
Indy Mouse enjoys searching for public photos and clip art that will go well with Indiana-related stamp issues. Indy Mouse logo Ayres Dept Store
Anon E Mouse is buried by covers. Help us out and buy some overstock packets. See the purple page for great bargains. Covers bury mouse. Sample Overstock

Cachet Sampler

My moving parade of ten favorite cachet designs.

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Lunar New Year Series

LNY stamps

See all of the LNY issues offered as singles, an entire set, or as overstock in 10-cover packets.