What is a First Day Cover?

FDC means First Day Cover. FDCs are special envelopes collected by stamp collectors who want more than just stamps. This envelope illustrates the parts of a first day cover: a cachet, a stamp, and a cancel. When you click on those elements, a short glossary of collecting terms appears.

New stamp on cover Walker Evans cancel Photo and art cachet FDC for famous photographer, Walker Evans

What to Collect

There is no right or wrong way to collect first day covers. Some people collect with the intention of exhibiting at competitive shows, some mat and frame their favorite covers for display on walls, and many store their finds in boxes or albums. The spectrum of interests within this philatelic specialty is vast and limitless, so many collectors narrow their focus by selecting only covers that:

Fair Warning: You may end up building more than one collection at a time. If the FDC bug bites you really hard, your collections could fill bookcases, closets, or even whole rooms.

What I Collect

I collect these subjects, which include the work of many other cachet makers and carry a variety of stamp issues:

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