Add-On Cachets Made in 2023

When art or text is added to an already-serviced first day cover more than a year after the new issue came out, it is called an "Add-On" cachet. These are labeled as Add-ons on the back, along with date and numbering. I made only a few of each. Click on the thumbnail images to see an enlarged view in a separate window.

Description Order Cachet View
AO 09: Feliz Navidad. Reprint of AEM 118 Poinsettia, FDOI 30 Oct 1985. Combo/Robbia Madonna. 5 made. Price $4. Add to Cart Add to Cart Framed Poinsettia
AO 11: Mouse Sleigh. Reprint of AEM 164, FDOI 19 Oct 1989. Combo/Madonna and 2 NWF seals. 4 made. Price: $4. Add to Cart Add to Cart Mouse in Paperclip Box.
AO 14: Love Letters. Reprint of AEM 176, FDOI 6 Feb 1992. Combo/3 Love stamps. 4 made. Price: $4. Add to Cart Add to Cart Mouse Singing
AO 18: No 9 Envelope. Reprint of cachet 22 Sep 1989. Combo/Pink Rose same date. 10 made. Price: $4. Add to Cart Add to Cart Size 9 Envelope

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