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Writing for School and Hobby

Most of my writing over the years has been for university assignments. More recently, I have submitted articles to philatelic (stamp collecting) publications.

My Capstone Portfolio

When a college student approaches graduation, she is encouraged to publicly post all of her best writing to a place where others may read those documents. I did this in March of 2022 by placing them in my pre-existing commercial site (Anon E Mouse Cachets) where I sell philatelic items called First Day Covers. You can view those documents on my Capstone page, and/or read a few other articles offered below.

Twelfth Night Movie v. Shakespeare's Original

This is a paper describing certain elements of the most recent film version of Shakepeare's play "Twelfth Night; or, What you Will." It points out the liberties that film directors or screen writers may take when converting literature to a visual medium.

film poster   jester
A movie poster and a stamp relating to Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night."

My Mom the General

I learned the memoir approach to writing in a Creative Nonfiction course. This sample from that course is about my mother, who worked in her forties to build small homes from her own designs. The paper is titled My Mom the General, meaning general contractor.

Mom's uniform   House Plan   Business Card
In the shovel pose above, she wears her typical work uniform. The floor plan is for one of several single story homes she designed. Alice worked in partnership with her electrician husband Bill; they named their business "A and B Builders."

Writing for Philately

I also write about specialized areas of stamp collecting, aka philately. Here is an article sent to the American First Day Cover Society journal First Days. When this Steinbeck article was published in May 2022, the layout was different and the illustrations were larger.

Mock FDC Cannery Row   Mock FDC Sweet Thursday
These are two of several mock first day covers I designed to illustrate the points in the article.