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An English Capstone gives students the opportunity to polish papers from past assignments and offer them as examples of their writing. Some may come from courses outside their major. Before I began to seek a BA in English, I completed a General Studies degree. And a decade before attending IUPUC, I took classes in Nevada.

Language, Literacy, and Photography

My academic writing experience includes three years (1998-2001) during which I attended University of Nevada Reno, taking one course at a time after my day job at the Nevada Air National Guard base. These three papers are my favorites from that period:

History With Personal Twist

History is not all dusty dry facts, especially when allowed to search for answers involving your family. An independent study course opened my eyes to railroad history as it affected my grandfather and his father. And when taking the Indiana History course, I created a bit of fun while defining what is a Hoosier.

Literature Analytics

Three of my literature courses and a gender studies course had me looking at works from several different perspectives. I learned how to differentiate between modern and post-modern eras of literature, how to review an author's work with deep insight, how to analyze what others have said in their book reviews, and how to evaluate an author's work through a different cultural lens.

Feminist Literature Challenge

In 2015, near the end of the ENG-L 378 course titled "Studies in Women and Literature," I addressed this question: Should we keep Riding's "Eve's Side of It" in the Literary Cannon? Riding's piece was extremely difficult to tease apart but I jumped into it determined to answer the question. After my paper was completed, I was invited to talk about it (in 2019) at the Indiana University Undergraduate Research Conference on November 22, 2019. Here is the paper itself, the script for the talk, and the Power Point slides I used during the talk.

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