Cynthia's capstone material for IUPUC course ENG-E 450 will temporarily display on this website from January through May 2022. These gray-shaded capstone pages are tacked on to my hobby-related small business site named "Anon E Mouse Cachets." Classmates are welcome to explore the rest of the anonemousecachets.com site if curious about my hobby. Return to this Capstone page by going to the site Home page and clicking on the "To Capstone Page" link at bottom of the left column.

Capstone Project Proposal

Proposal date January 14, 2022. I planned to revise, repurpose, and expand a paper written in 2010 for ENG-W 305 (Creative Nonfiction) as a straight historical nonfiction article for publication in The American Philatelist. It is about Samuel Clemens and Bret Harte, describing their time in California where they began their writing careers. The article includes illustrations of philatelic material with captions. The article targets collectors of American authors on stamps.


Update: Article Submitted

Just a few days after sending my article to The American Philatelist (AP) on February 22, the editor replied via email saying "...we will endeavor to return an answer to you shortly." The AP wants material not previously published elsewhere. For purposes of this capstone, I have produced my own version with illustrations embedded to share semi-privately with classmates via my website. Here is my completed article in PDF format; please DO NOT SHARE OUTSIDE OF CLASS.

Capstone Explained on Poster

The images below show a shortened Capstone Reflection plus a glimpse of my publication project. They are one fourth of a larger poster shared with three other students majoring in English. The IUPUC Office of Student Research (OSR) awards grants every year to showcase student projects on posters like this. The entire 3x2 poster (enlarge the view as needed) was displayed on April 12 in the Student Commons of the Columbus Learning Center, 4555 Central Avenue.

1st third Poster   2nd Third Poster   3rd Third Poster

Reflection on Academic Learning

In this two-page paper, I reflect in detail on the values gained by taking certain university courses. On the next page of this site, you may examine writing samples from some of those courses. Click here or on the far-right tab "Cap_2" at the top of this page to examine them as PDF files.

Post-University Resume

Because most university students will be starting their working careers after graduation, they are encouraged to write a resume of their skills and experiences. I am already retired from a lifetime of working, so a resume is not really needed. Nevertheless, I created an abbreviated version. Who knows? Maybe I will become interested in further employment or volunteer work and this resume could be a step in that direction.

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